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Go Go Goa in 6 Hours
Go Go Goa in 6 Hours

Drive to Goa in 6 Hours from Mumbai

A few days back, we read across the various News papers that, Mr.Nitin Gadkari has announced that the 4 lane highway NH – 17 to Goa will be ready by December 2018 and one can reach Goa from Mumbai in 6 Hours.

This news even if the Fast Track Highway is going to be ready by 2019 – 2020, is still a great news. For people living in Mumbai, the easiest holiday destination be it a 12 hour car journey today or a bus, or an overnight train takes is surely Goa.

Real Estate in Goa will pick up owing to this road connectivity and real estate prices in prime locations will strengthen. Goa needs Homes, Restaurants, Hotels etc. to cater to the millions of tourists who come from a 2 day to trip to a month long. Its an ideal choice for retired or semi retired people as well as it’s not a buzzing metro, but a fun city to be in. A lot of people from UK have bought retirement homes in Goa, as it becomes very cold in London for a few winter months and hence a lot of families. Also, since the fact its pretty affordable today, there is a good potential for decent capital gains over a period of time.

Technology is playing a great role in real estate business today, people are able to place their homes for a few days or weeks on websites like Airbnb etc. This is helping a lot of home owners make money. Also, serviced apartments are becoming the flavor of the day as they accommodate a family of 4 or even more very easily. So if you are looking for investment, then Goa should be on your mind.

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