Pre-Approved Home Loan benefits for Home Buying

When ever we speak to a home buyer for a home loan, the answer is let me finalize the property first and then we will apply for the loan.

In ideal scenario, you should get this home work done as this gives you the added confidence about buying a property well knowing in advance that you are entitled to an X amount as a Home Loan and you will have a Y amount as an EMI to pay every month or year. With a lot of paper work, CIBIL checks etc. you should not be under double pressure when you are buying a property.

A few developers even give a benefit in price if you go with a pre approved sanction letter. Imagine you paying around 11236 for a sanction and you walk away with upto 10 times as a benefit upto Rs.1,12,360 as discount from our New Property Buying – Get it Right – Series offers by select developers.

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Must Take Bank Loan for Buying Property

For any Home Buyer or Investor, a Property Transaction is one of the most costliest thing he or she acquires.  I very often say to my clients, a good real estate investment is like a Son of the Family as a good property gives you constant lease rental returns and capital appreciation.

Now, coming back to my Title – Must take Bank Loan for Buying Property.

Why do i say this, i say this, because, i feel very comfortable when a Bank is involved in a transaction and they do their paper work along with the Buyers Lawyers or in the event the Buyer has introduced a Lawyer in the deal, then at least the back up Bank is there to take care of the preliminary paper work, without which they wont give a loan.

Even if the loan is for a small amount, it is always advisable to get a Bank Loan. You may also get a small Tax deduction and your documents are in safe custody of the Bank and you are not worrying about having them at Home or Locker.

Sandeep Sadh

CEO – Mumbai Property