Friday , 3 February 2017
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Looking for a Home – Do Financial Planning First!!!

property buying mumbai

Mumbai Property Exchange is a web portal serving customers for near 15 years today. We get a lot of requirements every day and our teams endeavor is to help clients and give them sincere advise and absolutely correct information on buying home. 75% of the buyers as we understand are clueless about property rates or the difference in the expectation …

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Analysis of Mumbai Property Market

Mumbai Property Market

 Micro and Macro (Numerous Micro and Macro factors in the market today have lead to the present day situation in Mumbai in 2013) The stock market down turn after a continued bull phase seems to have finally impacted the real estate market and it once again confirms the deep relation of the two markets which compliment each other most of …

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How to Sell Your House and Buy Another

How to Sell Your House and Buy Another Selling a House and buying another one is one of the most common things in any property market across the world. The troubles actually brew here if one doesn’t know the steps to do this right as we cannot expect every one to be pro at it. It is always advisable to …

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