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Pre-Approved Home Loan benefits for Home Buying

Pre Approved Home Loan

When ever we speak to a home buyer for a home loan, the answer is let me finalize the property first and then we will apply for the loan. In ideal scenario, you should get this home work done as this gives you the added confidence about buying a property well knowing in advance that you are entitled to an X …

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Ascertaining your Under Construction Home Costs

Buying a Under Construction home is one of the most easiest tasks ever. It is simple, choose a location, the project, speak to the developer, agree on the price and yes, you have a deal. It is very important, that one studies a little more in detail. I am highlighting below a few points, which you must review before you …

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Lease rent returns drop down to 2 to 3 percent in SOBO

Residential Leasing Mumbai

With growing capital values of Real Estate and high society maintenance charges and property taxes,  the lease rent yields are plumetting to levels of 2 to 3 percent. For home buyers on one hand the Capital Values have grown over 100 percent over the past 5 years in most of the projects across Mumbai but the present day capital values …

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