Friday , 3 February 2017
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High Expectations from the Budget in the Real Estate Sector in February 2017

High Expectations from the Budget in the Real Estate Sector in February 2017 A transparent real estate market in India coupled with strong economical growth is truly a success story. The Government should further reform and tighten norms for the real estate sector to protect the interests of the Investors and actual home buyers and NRI’s who are looking to …

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Location vs Location

Orchid Woods, Goregaon East

The property market in Mumbai is set for another locational price and demand and supply war. After the New DCR and specially over the past few months no Developer can complain that he is not getting permission from the BMC as if his files are as per the new norms there is no reason why he should not get permissions …

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Mumbai Property Rates

Mumbai Residential Market Analysis and Predictions: 2014 and 2015 It is absolutely impossible to predict what is in store for the Real Estate Market in the Year 2014 – 2015. The market largely will depend on the following key factors: Political Results of the General Election in 2014. Government Policies to boost the Real Estate Sector State Government Policies on …

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Mumbai Property Prices set to increase after 31st March 2014

Mumbai Property Prices

Any news paper you see today in Mumbai carries dozens of ads of Gudi Padva offers and below it a fine print saying Book before 31st March 2014 and save few lacs rupees. This essentially means that after 1st April 2014, you will see an increase in the Property Prices in Mumbai. With Stock Markets on a high and with …

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Investing in Mumbai Needs Research

Mumbai Investor Destinations

5 Years back South Mumbai was a Hot Spot, 3 Years Back BKC Lease Rentals were Rs.300/- to Rs.400/- PSF and now they are around Rs.175/- to Rs.275/- at max. The high End apartments in South Mumbai were going at the highest prices possible. Suddenly things have changed!!! What has happened??? Nothing much, New Locations with all the basics of …

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Analysis of Mumbai Property Market

Mumbai Property Market

 Micro and Macro (Numerous Micro and Macro factors in the market today have lead to the present day situation in Mumbai in 2013) The stock market down turn after a continued bull phase seems to have finally impacted the real estate market and it once again confirms the deep relation of the two markets which compliment each other most of …

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Taxes For Leasing Property

Highlighted below are a Number of Taxes payable along with General Expenses incurred for leasing the property. 1.Fringe Benefit Tax payable by the Employee in case of a Company – Lease – 20% (Tenant to Pay) 2.Service Tax – Presently only on Commercial Property – 12.36% – (Owners to Pay) 3.Property Tax on Leasing/Licensing (more in commercial property) – (Owners …

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Buying a Home with Full Ready and Down Payment

Buying a Home with Full Ready and Down Payment Real Estate buying is well known for having its own uncertainties and the stories which go around are really bizarre when it comes to the final commitment and sticking to it and closing the deal. Over the years in the Property Market in Mumbai it is been seen that there are …

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