Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Real Estate typically is a very common subject discussed about in houses, parties, offices and even socially when a few friends meet. I often see people sitting in restaurants having their meals or coffee and discussing how one of them made investments and that has grown and the other person just looks at him in dismay and probably kicking himself deep down as why he not made the right investment and at the right time. Real Estate is a Tangible Asset and monitoring Investments alone requires Experience, Foresight and Business Acumen, Understanding Risk and an Environment where we breathe real estate in and out every day.

As Realtors in Mumbai Property Market, we don’t buy and sell Real Estate to you. We buy and sell INFORMATION, which you may not be aware of and hence benefitting from a sincere advice of a seasoned consultant is up to you. Most people are well read in Real Estate business and they have been there and done that quiet a few times and are seasoned in it. But every one is not and that is why our Services in relation to Portfolio Management not only give you an unbiased advice but a Professional outlook.

At Mumbai Property Exchange we have been working diligently in doing our Real Market Analysis through the years by visiting different locations, understanding the demand and supply patterns, inventory over hangs, new launches etc. Our updated knowledge helps you to play an Active Role by keeping you abreast through our Premium Membership module. The Membership helps you keep a tab on your Portfolio seamlessly and whenever there is a rate revision, a picture update or a video update, a plan update etc. you get to know the first with a mail on your registered id with us. The above remains the online, but offline we have our eyes and ears on the ground and we are constantly aware of your investments and as and when the time comes, we connect with you to appraise you if you would like to exit based on Capital Gains, Entry Loads, Exit Loads, Outlook for New Investments, Market Conditions, Micro Market Reviews and Infrastructure Impact.

For further information on Portfolio Management – Request you to please set up a time for meeting up with us by calling on +91 9820030685. If you are an NRI we can set up a Skype call – ID – Sandeep.Sadh or you can do a Viber call with us to discuss in detail.

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