Lucky escape for 100 as bldg crashes in Kalwa


A 31-year-old building crashed early on Monday in Kalwa but alert residents evacuated it in the nick of time. The five-storeyed Annapurna building in Takoli mohalla housed 24 families comprising around 100 people, in 400 sqft apartments.
A tragedy was averted as the Telanges and Vastes were busy with wedding preparations in their families. The marriage in the Telange family was held in Badlapur on Monday, while for the Vastes it is scheduled in Bhandup on Tuesday.
The Telanges and their relatives held the haldi ceremony on the terrace till late on Sunday and then returned to their second floor apartment. Shashikant Telange noticed cracks in a pillar in his apartment and immediately alerted other residents, at around 1.15 am. They then quickly ran across the corridors, banging on doors of the apartments, telling the others to evacuate the building immediately.
Chaudankar said, “I started knocking on the doors of the flat owners, who responded immediately. Someone alerted the local corporator, who informed the Regional Disaster Management Control (RDMC). Within 20 minutes, all residents came out safely. At around 1.35 am, we heard a loud bang and the building came crashing down like a pack of cards, spreading dust all around.”

A Thane Municipal Corporation official said residents of two neighbouring buildings, Radhebai and Sai Krupa, were evacuated as a precautionary measure.
Chief minister Prithiviraj Cha
van visited the site on Monday and announced a compensation of Rs 1 lakh each for the displaced families, including those from two other buildings hit by earlier collapses in Mumbra. A day after, wedding goes ahead T he Telange family went ahead with the marriage of their son, Avdhoot, a doctor, on Monday. T
he family
includes three daughters, who are married, while the elder brother is pursuing engineering. Rakesh Palande, a relative, said, “The Telanges will stay in Badlapur for some time. Everything went on as planned but only the honeymoon was hit.” Avdhoot said, “I’m happy that my family was saved along with 100 others. Nothing happened as planned, there is no home to take my wife to, but my family is there with me and I’m happy. Everything went on smoothly at the wedding ceremony in Badlapur.” TNN

Jewellery under debris
S ecurity was beefed up at the crash site on Monday as many valuables of two families who had marriages lined up were buried in the debris.
Adesh Vaste said, “As soon as we learned about the cracks in a pillar, my father who is paralytic patient, was brought down and shifted to our in-laws’ place in Andheri. But all jewellery and new clothes are buried under the debris.” Two CCTV cameras will be installed to ensure against theft of the valuables.” The Mhatres, said, “We have lost everything we earned.”

The Saviours
S hashikant Telange first noticed the cracks in his apartment. He alerted his neighbor, college student Samit Chaudankar (20) and his uncle Jayendra Aryamane (40), who went immediately to the society chairman and secretary's flats and informed them about the cracks. The chairman told them to alert other occupants and start evacuatin
g the building. They then went, banging on doors of all flats and waking up all residents. No one was killed or injured in the crash.

Source : Times Of India