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How to sell a house fast in Mumbai?

How to sell a house fast in Mumbai?

How to sell a house fast in Mumbai?

Mumbai property market has gone in a zone of recycle to a great extent, typically meaning people want to sell first and then buy.

The demonetization has helped people understand the value of money and how to keep their books and records clean.

Plummeting Interest Rates in the Banks on Fixed Deposits etc has led people to understand that they should not keep any house empty and they should maximize the potential of the same by either Leasing or Selling.

Majority of Home Buyers in the market today, either want to sell their existing real estate properties to acquire new ones or deploy the accrued Capital Gains and perhaps change Location owing to the needs or perhaps upgrade to a Larger apartment etc.

While you are looking to sell your house fast in Mumbai and you been in the market for a while what you need to do simple are the following things ;

  • Firstly set your expectations right in terms of pricing if you want to sell house fast in Mumbai.
  • Gone are the days of quoting fancy pricing and being in the market for years together *till I get my price I won’t sell*, this is a passe today!!!.
  • Find local and expert and active realtors in your zone or find them on the internet who are well connected and know your location and don’t call Aunties and Uncles in your neighbor who have friends looking for properties, this will help you sell your house fast in Mumbai.
  • Pay the Realtors their due fees, remember their is no free lunch and if you make your Realtor happy he will have the zeal to work and will work to get you a better price. It’s the silliest mistake people do is, i wont pay Realtor Fees. The Realtor may want 1 or 2% of the entire deal and rightfully so after working on it and after giving you the total consideration amount.
  • Get your paper work of your property in order, has to be a clear Title property.
  • Get your CA or your Realtor to explain you Capital gains and other tax liabilities while selling and then buying if at all you are looking to Buy another one.
  • Consider Entry and Exit loads in new assets/properties acquisitions
  • Find the society transfer fees or builder transfer fees if applicable and be clear, usually, this is shared equally.
  • Get your property in a good condition, well maintained, neat and clean, a fresh coat of paint does mean you are spending money surely but it gives out a better impression and a quicker sale and of course better pricing.

Each day your property remains empty you are loosing interest, give a little discount, be flexible in pricing and move on and be done with it. A few Lakhs here and there can be earned in the interest from the bank and you negotiate hard in your next purchase as well.

If you looking to sell or lease a property in Mumbai, do mail us and we will do our best to market in a short span of time. Email us or call +91 9820030685 – Visit our Blog on How to sell a house fast

Visit our Blog on How to sell a house fast

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