Must Take Bank Loan for Buying Property

For any Home Buyer or Investor, a Property Transaction is one of the most costliest thing he or she acquires.  I very often say to my clients, a good real estate investment is like a Son of the Family as a good property gives you constant lease rental returns and capital appreciation.

Now, coming back to my Title – Must take Bank Loan for Buying Property.

Why do i say this, i say this, because, i feel very comfortable when a Bank is involved in a transaction and they do their paper work along with the Buyers Lawyers or in the event the Buyer has introduced a Lawyer in the deal, then at least the back up Bank is there to take care of the preliminary paper work, without which they wont give a loan.

Even if the loan is for a small amount, it is always advisable to get a Bank Loan. You may also get a small Tax deduction and your documents are in safe custody of the Bank and you are not worrying about having them at Home or Locker.

Sandeep Sadh

CEO – Mumbai Property