Structured Schemes Hit the Mumbai Property Market

Home Buyers in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai have never had better days, the market is ripe with Structured Schemes. Every few days you see large advertisements and hoardings with 10-20-10, 25-75, 20-80, 10-90-10 and even 5-90-5 schemes.

These schemes are to lure the fencer sitter buyer to get him out with a minimum down payment from his own side which typically means no hit to the Buyers Liquidity and much safer transactions because the Banks are involved in the transactions.

We have been reiterating this again and again, that one must take even the smallest exposure of a Bank Loan, as the Bank does the due diligence for the property and since the payment to the Banks are construction linked, the accountability quotient is far higher.

These schemes are actually a boon for the Buyer because he does not have to shell out a lot of cash from his own pocket and hence the ROI is far higher. Also, for home buyers who are presently on lease, get a lot of respite as they are able to continue staying in the rented flat in case the scheme provisions for interest bearing by the developer.

One has to understand all these schemes thoroughly and read the fine print and then take a call. A lot of time it is also seen, that the Developer has offered the Structured Scheme but he has raised the prices and then you should ask for both the Structured Scheme and Construction Linked Plan (CLP) to ascertain the difference in the pricing and the scheme benefits.

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Lodha World Towers to change skyline of Lower Parel

The lodha world one and towers are likely to change the skyline of the commercial district of lower parel in Mumbai.

Lower parel is a bustling CBD with lots of corporates having their presence and it would be interesting to see how the narrow roads cope up to the growing population in the area.

Recently a transaction at casagrande a swanky building is reported to be done at 50000 psf. This is a ready possession building and nearing 8 years in its age.

The Park by lodha at the DLF land started booking 1 km away from this property of casagrande under 25000 psf with a 5 year horizon which actually has been an excellent buy for home buyers and investors.

The upside of properties in lower parel still seems to be there but it would be interesting to see how the property rates escalate over the next few years with supply coming up from different players in this area.

Interesting times ahead for investors.

Sandeep Sadh