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Ultimate Formula-Carpet Area
Ultimate Formula-Carpet Area

Ultimate Formula-Carpet Area

Ultimate Formula-Carpet Area

Formula 1     – This is the Right Formula of understanding the Carpet Area.

 This is in case you have 2 Areas with you – One being the Built Up or Chargeable and the Second being the Carpet Area. (Which is usually available. In case there is no Built Up Area and if the builder is only selling on Carpet Areas then, of course, there is no loading.)

Chargeable Area       –           1000

Carpet Area               –           650

Difference                  –           350

The formula is the Difference Divided by Carpet Area For Example –  350 / 650 = The Loading =  53% Which means the loaded area is 53% on Top of the Carpet Area. The most important factor for a buyer to know.

Formula 2  –  Builders/owners Version when they say Difference between chargeable and carpet area – then what they mean??

Let us say builder says 35% is the difference.

1000 –            35.0%            –           650 Carpet

So in short, you should never ask what is the difference, you should ask what is the loading on Top of the Carpet as that is the only and correct way of understanding the correct area and then you can see the price based on the carpet area.

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