Property Valuation

We all like to know what our property is worth at any given point. However, we often, see a great disparity in prices when in certain locations you have an over supply, the prices tend to be different for both buying and selling.


Being in the real estate business and an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years has given us a sense of pricing. Because we deal across the city and in micro markets, we get a sense of pricing and a clear understanding of present day conditions with an eye on supply, demand and any other infrastructure impact.


Earlier, the mantra used to be “Location, Location, Location” but in our humble opinion, we redefine it as “Location, Developer and Price” in the New Home Segment or “Location, Building and Price” in the Resale market.


Property valuation is not merely a valuation today but it needs an in depth study and understanding of the subject matter and relative attributes of taxation, exit load and entry loads.


We would be glad to assist you in ascertaining the value of your Property or perhaps do a Portfolio Management for you which will help you take a clearer and informed decision.


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