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Stamp Duty

What is Stamp Duty? Why should Stamp Duty be paid?

How do I find out the Stamp Duty Payable on my property?

What is the penalty for delayed payment?

When is the stamp duty payable?

Who is liable to pay?

Is stamp duty payable on all instruments/ documents relating to the transfer of immovable property?

What is the relevance of the dates 10-12-1985 and 04-07-1980?

In whose name should the stamp paper be purchased?

In whose name should the Banker’s pay order be issued?

Is stamp duty payable on the instrument or on the transaction?

What are the instruments on which it is to be paid?

The addresses of the stamp office in Mumbai are as under:

The Superintendent of Stamps
General Stamp Office,
Ground Floor,Town Hall Building,
Shahid Bhagatsingh Road,Fort,
Mumbai 400 023.
Ph: 266 4589, 266 4585.

Office of the Superintendent of Stamps
First Floor, B.M.R.D.A. Building,
Bandra (East),
Mumbai 400 051.
Ph: 645 1894

Stamp Office
Town Hall,
Collector's Office Compound,
Thane (West) 400 601.

(The Thane stamp office is open on Tuesdays and Fridays only and is closed on the 18th of each month for accounts purposes. If the 18th happens to be Tuesday or Friday, the office will be open on the next working day)
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