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andheri west Real Estate Snapshot

  • andheri west New Projects Snapshot
    Apartment Type 
    Max Rate 
    Min Rate 
    max Price 
    min Price 
    Max Area 
    Min Area 
    2 BHK462200012999 3.11 Crs. 1.26 Crs. 1700702
    3 BHK372350012999 5.31 Crs. 2.02 Crs. 24601258
    2 BHK132510017000 3.04 Crs. 1.62 Crs. 1250650
    3 BHK133100013500 5.74 Crs. 1.96 Crs. 23501300
    1 BHK112100015000 1.56 Crs. 87.48 Lacs. 900486
    2½ BHK102200015500 3.91 Crs. 1.94 Crs. 17781220
    4 BHK102300013786 6.69 Crs. 3.37 Crs. 35002410
    3 BHK72510016500 3.9 Crs. 3.05 Crs. 18501535
    2 BHK72800013500 3.86 Crs. 1.47 Crs. 1380952
    2 BHK41625016000 1.95 Crs. 1.59 Crs. 1200995
    1 BHK42000013500 1.55 Crs. 94.5 Lacs. 969700
    1 BHK41700017000 1.19 Crs. 1.1 Crs. 700650
    4 BHK43100020900 7.44 Crs. 4 Crs. 30001837
    4 BHK31625016250 2.76 Crs. 2.76 Crs. 43001700
    5 BHK32350023000 9.01 Crs. 9.01 Crs. 38353835
    2½ BHK31650016500 2.11 Crs. 2.11 Crs. 12801280
    3 BHK31625016250 2.44 Crs. 2.44 Crs. 15001212
    2½ BHK21720013500 2.68 Crs. 1.78 Crs. 15601315
    1 BHK21625016000 1.22 Crs. 1.11 Crs. 750693
    4½ BHK22350023500 7.52 Crs. 7.3 Crs. 52203105
    3½ BHK22200021500 4.96 Crs. 4.83 Crs. 22752194
    3½ BHK12090020900 6.06 Crs. 6.06 Crs. 29002900
    4½ BHK1   N/A N/A   
    5 BHK12177421774 8 Crs. 8 Crs. 36743674
    5 BHK1   N/A N/A 66006600
    Duplex11900019000 4.08 Crs. 4.08 Crs. 21502150
    Duplex11850018500 12.95 Crs. 12.95 Crs. 70007000
    Pent House1   N/A N/A   
    1 RK11500015000 72.45 Lacs. 72.45 Lacs. 483483
    1½ BHK11600016000 1.17 Crs. 1.17 Crs. 730730
    1½ BHK12000020000 1.52 Crs. 1.52 Crs. 760760
    2½ BHK1   N/A N/A   
  • About andheri west

    Mumbai Property market as on Today is on its highest as far as the property prices are concerned in any micro location. From here on, to predict as to which area will have a better price appreciation is something absolutely tough as the same is depending on a lot of Socio Economic Factors, infrastructure development etc.


    We have recently concluded a very deep Micro Market Analysis and Research of “Andheri West” as a Micro Location and found a few compelling reasons for this location to have brighter chances of Strong Capital Appreciation over the next few years compared to other locations around the city with similar attributes and price ranges.


    Andheri West like a Bandra, Breach Candy or a Cuffe Parade has evolved with time and is self sufficient with Hospitals, Theatres, Top Restaurants, Great Residential Community, Schools, Colleges, Malls, Retail and High Street Shopping etc. coupled with a Metro impact which will be starting hopefully beginning of Next Year. The self sufficiency in this location with effluent class living puts it at par with any other location which commands a premium price and hence over the years we have even seen a good number of celebrities, professionals and business families buying homes here.


    To the South of Andheri West around 3-4KM away, the prices in Juhu are in the range of Rs.25000/- and going upto Rs.40,000/- PSF. Bandra West prices start at Rs.30,000/- PSF and go upto Rs.60,000/- Per Sq.ft. So Andheri West is likely to be the obvious choice for Home Buyers who are feeling the pinch of paying huge amount of Money in Bandra - Juhu.


    We have at least 7 New Launches coming up in the next few weeks in Andheri West - Lokhandwala/Versova/Amboli/ DN Nagar areas with configurations of 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 BHK of Top Developers of India offering Apartment Blocks with all modern amenities and A Grade Constructions. The New Launches are likely to be in the range of Rs.15,500/- PSF to Rs.19,000/- PSF approximately, giving you a great upside. These new launches will rev up the Andheri West market and shift the focus of a Home Buyer from other micro markets in the same price range and even compel the Home Buyer or Investor due to the Strong Investment angle and Quality projects of Top Developers.


    In settled complexes like Oberoi Springs off.Link Road, the prices are in the range of Rs.27000/- PSF for Ready to Move in Top Quality Houses and a 2.5 BHK  - 1295 sq.ft apartment sells easily in the range of 3.50CR. There has been no significant launch of any project in Andheri West by Top Developers over the past few years and the aspirational buyer is been waiting on the fence in this location.


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