Prarthana Group of Companies. Mumbai

About Prarthana Group of Companies.
It is this belief that a prayer or a prarthana stems out of . Exactly what lead to our creation in 1996. Started by a group of entrepreneurs with an undying enthusiasm and penchant for taking up challenging tasks, today Prarthana is a Rs.1.1 Billion ( US $ 25 Million) plus group, respected in the Indian Real estate industry for its landmark buildings and successful slum rehabilitation projects.While developing landmark buildings has been a norm at Prarthana, it is our Slum rehabilitation projects that have given us immense joy and satisfaction.A Herculean task that intimidates many, the Prarthana Group has been more than successful in providing hundreds of slum dwellers a life of dignity and comfort while creating luxurious lifestyle out of the free additional extra FSI granted by the Slum Rehabilitation authority. Blessing us with smiles and miles of beauty in the city of dreams called Mumbai.