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Viva Mahalaxmi Group Mumbai

VIVA is one of the most well-known brands in construction of high quality residential spaces in Virar-Vasai region. With a brand presence of over 15 years our success lies in our unflinching commitment in adhering to the highest quality standards and consistency in delivery schedules. With more than 7000 homes delivered, and more than 5000 under construction, VIVA has reached out to the hearts of its customers with the sole motto of maximization of customer satisfaction. We are more than just a diversified group with significant interests in land holdings, homes, retail, education and hospitality. We are the force that propelled and transformed the Virar- Vasai belt from a nondescript Indian hamlets into vibrant suburbs with their own independent infrastructure. We were the first to build commercial complexes. We were also instrumental in getting global and well known Indian brands in this area . We are the force that for over 25 years that developed this belt into a thriving self-sufficient ecosystem inhabited by ambitious young new world denizens. We are the force behind building communities.

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