Ashar Group launches Legend at Pali Hill - Dilip Kumar Bunglow Property

The Mumbai real estate market is abuzz with excitement as an opulent residential project is set to grace the prestigious Pali Hill area in Bandra West. The ambitious venture is a collaboration between the late Bollywood icon Dilip Kumar's family and the esteemed Ashar Group. This project holds immense promise for the Bandra West property market, as it is expected to add sophistication and prestige to the already sought-after neighborhood.

Pali Hill is one of the most desired location for Premium Home Seekers. The recent transaction have been witnessed in Vastu by Alia Bhatt, Parishram and Daffodils og high value and noticeably above 1 lakh per sq.ft. The Ashar Group is likely to launch larger sq.ft apartments to cater to the who so who of the Indian Dispora.

Spanning an expansive half-acre land parcel, the project boasts 11 floors and an impressive total construction area of 1.75 lakh sq ft. With such luxurious residences and the added allure of a meticulously curated museum dedicated to the legendary actor's life journey and milestones, it is bound to attract discerning buyers and investors looking for exclusivity and heritage appeal.

Progress is already well underway, thanks to Ashar Group's efficient efforts, and it is anticipated that the project will be completed well ahead of its scheduled 2027 delivery, possibly within the next two years. This speedy development is likely to catch the attention of potential buyers, adding further momentum to the Bandra West property market.

Ajay Ashar, CMD of Ashar Group, exudes confidence in the venture, anticipating significant revenue of around Rs 900 crore from this project. Such a lucrative prospect is sure to attract other developers and investors to explore similar ventures in the area, potentially revitalizing the real estate scene in Bandra West.

It is noteworthy that the Pali Hill plot faced legal disputes for over five years, which had cast a shadow over its development prospects. However, the fact that Ashar Group has successfully resolved these challenges with consent terms filed in the arbitration matter speaks volumes about the company's commitment and capability. The resolution paves the way for a smoother development process and ensures that buyers can invest with confidence in this prestigious project.

The introduction of this luxurious residential haven, blending luxury, heritage, and contemporary living, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on Mumbai's real estate landscape. For property enthusiasts and investors looking for a timeless testament to the legacy of Dilip Kumar, this project is set to become an exceptional addition to the Bandra West property market, offering a unique and prestigious living experience in one of Mumbai's most coveted neighborhoods.