Why is Co-operative Housing Society NOC required for Selling Flats in Mumbai

In Mumbai, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Co-operative Housing Society (CHS) is required when a member wants to sell their flat or transfer their ownership rights to someone else. This requirement is mandated by the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 and the model by-laws of the Co-operative Housing Societies in Maharashtra.

The NOC from the CHS is important because it verifies that the seller is a member of the society, and that they have cleared all dues and complied with all the rules and regulations of the society. It also ensures that the transfer of ownership does not result in any disputes or legal issues for the buyer in the future. Additionally, the NOC certifies that the seller has paid all the outstanding dues to the society, including maintenance charges, property taxes, water bills, and other charges.

The CHS can also withhold the NOC if the seller has any pending dues or has violated any rules and regulations of the society. In such cases, the CHS can recover the dues from the seller or take other legal action to ensure that the interests of the society are protected.

In summary, the NOC from the CHS is required to ensure that the sale or transfer of ownership of a flat is done in a legal and transparent manner, and that the interests of the society and its members are protected.